Our Services

With over seventy years combined experience as financial advisors, we have watched as the investment landscape has changed for clients. While we find that most clients prefer a comprehensive, cost efficient service program, we know that other clients may prefer an “a la carte” menu of choices. For that reason, we offer both our comprehensive planning/ investing service and consultation/planning on a fee/service plan. For those clients who are undecided, we provide a complimentary one hour planning session. We believe strongly in transparency, and for that reason, our fees are outlined below.

Our Services

Comprehensive Planning/Investing

Prices for Assets under Management

Service of $100,000+ 1    of $1,000,000+ 1

Investment Management
- Includes: Risk Management
                   Fiduciary Services
                   Family Education

1.12bp 1.12bp
Retirement Planning Asset Fee + 25bp2 Asset Fee + 3bp
Financial Goal Planning Asset Fee + 25bp Asset Fee + 3bp
Social Security Planning Asset Fee + 15bp Asset Fee + 3bp
Insurance Evaluation and Planning Asset Fee + 15bp Asset Fee + 2bp
Divorce Planning Asset Fee + 15bp Asset Fee + 2bp
Portfolio Evaluation3 Asset Fee + 15bp Asset Fee + 2bp
401(k), 403(b), Deferred Comp
Evaluation and Planning
Asset Fee + 15bp Asset Fee + 2bp
Estate, Tax & Trust planning;
(referral and coordination)
Asset Fee + 15bp Asset Fee + 2bp
Everplans Implementation No charge No charge
Notary Service No charge No charge


A La Carte Fee/Service

Service            Price
Retirement Planning $3,000.00
Financial Goal Planning $3,000.00
Social Security Planning $1,500.00
Insurance Evaluation and Planning $400/hr.
Divorce Planning $400/hr.
Portfolio Evaluation3 $400/hr.
401(k), 403(b), Deferred Comp
 Evaluation and Planning
Consolidated Performance Reporting Quoted on Request
Notary Services $10/signature/document

PSM will also work under a retainer to be determined by individual need.

First hour of consultation free of charge.

1 For initial report plus annual review
2 bp= basis point. 1 bp = 1/100 %, for example, 25bp= ¼%
3 Review of assets held at outside firms, overall financial structure, and cost evaluation
4 For one-time report; additional advice at $350/hr.

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